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Model Release Form, Who needs them ?

We don't always need the model to sign a model release form, but some photographers sign all their models just to be on the safe side.
Generally, the model release form, allows the photographer to use the photos in commercial use.
Following industry standards, for any work that will appear in consumer or trade magazines, newspapers, or educational books, you generally do not need a model release. The same goes for for photographic exhibits. These are considered educational/informational uses.
But on the other hand you have to have a release form if you plan to use the photos for a commercial applications, such as ads, brochures, posters, greeting cards, catalogs, postcards, kiosks, trade shows, Web sites, etc.

Corporate magazine are considered commercial use, so you do need a model release form if the photo will appear in one.

Whether or not publishing a photo via the Internet requires a release is currently being debated in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. It is likely that any and all exposure to the public of unreleased photos via any vehicle will constitute civil liability for the photographer.

Bottom line - Play it safe

These days, it's hard to know what to expect from people you may have photographed, but do not know. They could verbally say "sure" and then change their mind later.
So I play it safe: I ask for releases on any photograph that I've made where the person is clearly the subject of the image, and that I think I might be able to use commercially.
But these are mostly people with whom I've had a conversation, and a personal photography session.

For my candids on the streets, in parks, festivals, or in travel scenes, markets, etc., I usually don't worry about it. But if I think I've made an image that will surely sell commercially, then I'll try for a release.

If you think that your pictures might be commercially used, make the effort to get a release, and be prepared to give something for that permission. A thank-you print or prints, a small donation or payment, etc., is considered fair price for the permission to use their likeness "forever." It may not be required, but it's only fair if they ask for something in return.

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