Fotoshoot FAQ

  • Ho do I deactivate or delete my account ?
    You can email us at [email protected], and we will take care of it for you.
    Make sure to let us know whether you wish to cancel or just deactivate your account.

    What's the difference ?
    If you cancel your account, the username will be released for new users to use, and all the images will be deleted from our servers, , as well as casting call applications.

    If you deactivate your account, we will save your username, keep your photos on our servers, but nobody will be able to see your profile.

  • I didn't get a conformation email. Am I just missing the button that says 'send it again'?
    If you can't find the confirmation email in your inbox, it might be in your junk/spam folder. If its not there either, you can email us at : [email protected] from that same email address, and we will do it for you .
  • Is there a limited number of photos I may add to my portfolio?
    For the moment we are limiting the number of photos to 100.
    In the future that limit can change.
  • Can I use HTML in my profile listing?
    Yes, you can use limited HTML in your profile description.
    You can use <img > and <a > tags.
    over the next few days we will also add full support in BB script / markup
  • How do I go about searching other photographers or models in my area ? The only thing I can locate is Casting calls that have been posted but not the people who have posted them
    Just visit our Browse page, where you can filter your results by location, gender, age, account type, etc...
  • How do I find castings for models
    At the moment we have publish a single casting calls page for all the casting calls.

    As soon as we have enough casting calls, we will divide them by categories, cities, and other attributes.
  • How do I search for models in my area?
    Just visit the 'Browse' page, where you can filter and sort the models, photographer, or other members according to specifications, and location.

    find models
  • I wanted to transfer my profile ovr fro my model mayhem account but didnt see the link until after I had already registered. How do I delete my account on here so I an re-register with my MM account?
    You don't have to delete your profile. At any point you can just go to 'Update Profile' and re-copy your account.
  • How do I delete a specific photo?
    Click on "Manage Photos" (page header), and can then click the tiny trashcan at the bottom of the photo you wish to remove.
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