Television Singer Starts MySpace Contest to Find Web Developers

Posted : 06/02/2010 01:34AM

June 1, 2010 (New York, NY) -- Courtney Salter, a neo-soul artist on the Premier Musique Group (PMG) record label, has initiated a contest for all webmasters to design her MySpace page. The winner of the challenge will be allowed on the set of her upcoming music video; be the first to receive her highly anticipated EP Album prior to release; and be invited to her album release party. 

The sultry artist’s claim to fame in her career thus far, was her past participation on American Idol & Making the Band. According to her manager, Cynthia Davis-Middleton, the 18 year-old artist did not make it to the ladder rounds. To add to that, Salter said “I thought it went well in my last audition. I wasn't prepared to do the song and forgot some of the words, but overall I enjoyed the time and experience.” 

Since then, the young singer has built a strong online social following on YouTube. With hundreds of thousands of views, it is no wonder why she has turned to MySpace as her next future social triumph. MySpace has for a long time, been a great avenue for artists, comedians, film companies and more, to attain sales and spread the news of their events. Although not all have success, some members have had millions of hits and became global sensations. A few notables include Tila Tequila, Jeffree Star, Fall Out Boy, whom all became famous, seemingly overnight on the popular website. Although it is not Salter’s goal to become popular, famous, or a celebrity, it is the goal of the hardworking people behind her development to build her presence in the online and televised music markets. 

Hulon E. Crayton II, an A&R of PMG, hopes that her music will reach the mainstream urban music audience, yet reach what he calls the youthful ‘Disney Generation,’ which he claims are those that are in middle school and younger. Further, he mentioned that “we plan to develop her presence on MySpace, YouTube and other social networking sites to put her in front of her audience. I hope that this contest will bring about participation from her fans, and bring about new followers.” 

For more information on this contest, go to  She can also be found online at and

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