First post - Nice to meet you

Posted : 08/07/2010 12:36AM

My first post... what does one say? Im sure anything will be something that no one really cares for to begin with. Just a bunch of blah blah blahs I guess - much like the Charlie Brown teacher. But I guess I write for just my entertainment... to let stress release from my fingers. So here it goes..


August... I honestly cant believe I made it this far. This coming from a person who barely passed photography class in high school. Of course that was film and completely different from what I do now but regardless the fundamentals are still there. This will be my first completed year as a photographer. And baby, Ive come a long way. My first shoot was with a female and male model that had to deal with vampires. I had a Nikon d40 back then and I thought I was going to automatically take top notch photos. After the shoot was over, I look at what I had.. and what I wanted. Adjustment layer? Whats that?! Contrast? WHAT?! I thought I would be able to point and shoot with the amount of money I spent. I was very silly back this time last year. The models loved the pictures but I was left with wanting more. I was using Windows Live to do my post editing (Yuck!). What else can you expect from an amature? No training other than to develop film in school and at my old photo job. A few months went by and I purchased elements 7 of which I still use. I was getting better at my post editing and my shooting. I was meeting great people and some weird ones at the same time. I guess that trend will never stop. Christmas came along and I was given paint shop pro and now I use them both. My editing was never better. I still feel as though Im missing something... not getting everything I want from a picture. I guess you could say Im much like Dyson with his vaccums. Thinking about a way to improve on his brand. To make a long story short - here I am. Where this journey takes me I wont know but Im holding on for dear life because its had its ups and downs but I still cant get enough. So hopefully Ill meet more of you and we can work together. Back to the editing board..