Commercial Print Model/Host/ Actress

Posted : 12/17/2010 03:58AM

Suzan whom happens to be of Trinidadian ethnicity mixed with Venezuelan and Chinese enjoys modeling because she has been able to explore many different levels of modeling in such a short period of time most people never get the chance to experience Runway, Commercial Print, Tradeshows, Live Events, VJ Hosting.

These opportunities just made her work harder to open more doors for herself. But, she hasn't stopped at modeling, Suzan can also Act as well. She has been featured on the upcoming Season of Royal Pains Episode 7 Sept 2010, White Collar, Nike Commercial, and did a scene for the show Z-Rock speaking to Joan Rivers.

As a VJ Host for Style Music TV she has interviewed celebrities and political figures such as Rudy Julianni, Jimmie Johnson, Dan Marino, Kristan Dulton, Jamal Mashburn, Mark Sanchez, Actress Bobbi eaks and many more.

This is only the beginning she has a long way to go. AND SHE IS READY!!